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The Many Varieties of Musical Podcasts That Can Be Found Online

When it comes to the vast world of the Internet, one can find almost anything they are looking for, and as of late, especially musical podcasts. Thousands of people create podcasts from their music collections, to share with their friends and family all over the internet. While this is frowned upon by many in the music industry, it is something that is very common still today. Some singers and musicians create their own podcasts as a way of advertising and distributing their music, creating their own loyal fan base and boosting their album sales. Many of them also create a website and a blog to go along with their musical podcasts, so that their fans can make comments and give suggestions about their musical creations. Music fans really like being able to communicate with their favorite artists and musicians in this manner. Many musicians who have not yet obtained their own recording contract use podcasts as a relatively easy way to get their music out there to their listeners, and hopefully attract the attention of record label CEOís, taking them one step closer to the career of their dreams. For some musicians, this is often their ticket into the music world.

Many DJís also are able to make their mark on the world through podcasts as well. They create their own podcasts that are a mix of many different songs, from different artists and musicians that have submitted their work to them along the way. These aspiring DJís create their own podcasts for their own enjoyment, and to entertain their listeners, and maybe, just maybe, jumpstart their career. A similar type of musical podcast can be found through many online radio channels, streaming their music for their listeners, so that they can listen at work, in their office, or wherever they have internet access.

CDís are really expensive, costing on average $16 or more for one album, and so are music downloads that can be found on the Internet, but podcasts allow you to listen to the music before you spend money to purchase it. This way, you donít waste money on an entire album just for one song. Many musicians and bands will release samples of their music in the form of podcasts, as a way to get more fans, and spread the word about their music. This is a great way of cheap advertising for aspiring musicians. In the future, musicians may create podcasts and start charging monthly subscription fees for this service. Many music fans love being able to buy and download music directly onto their computer, and it is gaining more and more popularity thanks to music phones and I- Podís.

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