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Finding Reliable Web Hosting for Your Podcasting Needs

Before you can create or start your own online podcast, you must first acquire web hosting. You will have to have a reliable web host so that you can store the large media and music files that you will need to use in creating your podcast, as well as maintain a special file so that loyal subscribers can keep up with what is going on with the podcast and any new updates that you add. The first step in this creation process is to get your own special domain name, which is fairly simple to do, once you find a name you would like that isnít already in use. Find a domain service listed online where you can easily register the domain name that you have just chosen, usually for a fairly inexpensive rate. There are many inexpensive web hosting services that can be found online as well, such as Bluehost. The trick is to make certain you get the amount of web storage space you need for holding those media files, and the bandwidth that will be needed so subscribers can download from your site.

As soon as you have done your homework and found a web host that you can afford and that can provide you with what you need, you will need to actually get your site setup. You will have to set your DNS addresses using the information that you will be given by your web hosting provider. The entire process can take a few days to get everything setup correctly, so you can actually start with your podcasting.

You will need to obtain an FTP client, so that you can get an accurate measurement of how much free disk space you have on your web host. Some web hosts will include this in with your hosting package, but if not, you may be able to find one for free online. You will need to obtain a file called dircaster.php, which can be uploaded onto your site, and used for creating and sending out your podcast. If all of the information in these files is not entered correctly, you will have problems.

Once you have gotten your web hosting and have all of the files uploaded that you will need, you will be ready to create and distribute your very own podcast. You will want to upload quality content onto the site as well, so that it is more user-friendly and easy for your subscribers to use and understand. It will be hard for the average computer user to access and download your podcasts if your site isnít designed in an easy to understand way.

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