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The World of Podcast Downloads

Podcast downloads have become a very popular a way for people to share files online. If you are unfamiliar with the term podcast, it is a way in which it is possible to host and deliver different types of files, such as audio and video files. The file is made available to the masses via RSS feed, so it is easily and quickly retrieved.

RSS feeds are updated easily and automatically and offer links to the newer files and new episodes to the existing files. A user can gain access to the RSS feed by using an RSS feed client and download the desired podcast to either listen to or watch if it is a video file. The podcast client can search online to find specific files that a subscriber may wish to retrieve. There are several podcast clients available for download, with the vast majority of them being free to use.

The downloading of the podcast will be finished after the podcast client successfully downloads and opens the chosen file from the website hosting the feed. After the podcast client has located the proper link to the media files which happens to embedded within the RSS file, it will download the files to the userís computer. This allows the individual to listen or view the files any time, and as many times that they may choose to do so.

Podcast files are not just limited to music and music videos. They are being used to distribute many forms of communications, such as news and radio talk shows. It has even been used for private individuals to start their own shows, sometimes right from their own homes.

The popularity of podcasts among radio stations is really beginning to have a snowball effect. Many radio stations are now placing daily podcasts of their shows on the radio station websites for the subscribers to download. This can serve two purposes for the radio station. First, it can give them access to listeners who would normally not be able to get the station locally, and secondly, it helps keep the listeners they do have loyal listeners.

Podcasting has come a long way in a very short time. It will continue to develop as a method for internet users to distribute and share their media files. In the near future it will be possible to use podcasting as a means to share other file types as well, so it is still an exciting method for media distribution. You can bet that there are savvy marketers out there who are looking into ways of using the podcasting technology to pursue ideas that we have not even thought of yet, and that there is an audience waiting for the next big breakthrough.

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